March 24, 2017


Galleria Elegante offers its clients high quality Mexican Talavera Pottery in both traditional Majolica and modern styles at very competitive prices.  Our new arrivals which are featured under Specialty Items include a new collection of Talavera Fruit Bowls, Talavera Salad Bowls and Talavera Serving Dishes. Our products are lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe and suitable for daily use.
In addition to the new Talavera Pottery outlined above and in response to many client requests, we have added a complete line of hand painted Talavera Tiles. You may see these exciting additions in the Talavera Tiles section. We are especially excited about our ability to locally stock selected Talavera Tiles at our Henderson, Nevada distribution center. We can now respond to many Talavera Tile orders with shipping within 24 hours to locations within the Continential United States and Alaska. Look for our locally stocked tile under the Nevada Stocked tab on the website.
If you don't find the exact product that you are seeking, we will attempt to develop a customized solution to meet your specifications. Look through our design guides for your design solution. We will try to accommodate your special requests. Your comments are very important to us.  Please use the Contact Us link with any questions or recommendations you may have. Don't forget to check on new products under Specialty Items on the website. 

Mexican Talavera Pottery
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Talavera pottery collections to find the perfect hand-painted Talavera plate, elegant Talavera serving platter, charming canister set or elegantly detailed urn. And Our Mexican Talavera pottery is lead-free, and microwaveable! 

We are Talavera and Mata Ortiz (Casas Grandes) Specialists
Mexican pottery is our passion.  It's all we do.  We work directly with Mexican fabricas and artisans and will be happy to assist you with your Mexican pottery selection, or to help you find the perfect gift for the Talavera or Mata Ortiz pottery collector.  
Custom Talavera Pottery is available !  See our Custom Design Catalog.   Shop with confidence. Secure checkout provided by PayPal.


Talavera Mini Chiminea $Sold Out
Click Here for Product Details! This mini chiminea is a very unique gift for anyone. Add 1/2 cup of water and your favorite bath bead, scented tarts (Yankee Candle or similar scents), or your favorite liquid fragrance to the reservoir and place over a tea light candle in the base and enjoy the aroma.
Price: $35.95

Talavera Canister Set $69.95
Click Here for Product Details! Talavera Canister Set
GEM Villa Seca
Price: $76.95
Sale! $69.95 (10% Off!) Save $7.00!
7.5" x 7.75" Large Duchess Vase $149.95
Click Here for Product Details! Large Duchess Vase
Disensos Alonso Luis
Price: $166.95
Sale! $149.95 (10% Off!) Save $17.00!
12.6 Inch Large Emperador Plate $69.95
Click Here for Product Details! Large Emperador Plate
Disenos Alonso Luis
Price: $76.95
Sale! $69.95 (9 % Off!) Save $7.00!
Elegant Vargas/Ortiz Mezclado Olla $2000.00
Click Here for Product Details!
Mata Ortiz Olla
by Lois Vargas & Elisa Ortiz
Price: $2000.00
5.9" x 10.6" Quaje Jar $129.95
Click Here for Product Details! 5.9 x 10.6 Quaje Jar w/ Lid
Disensos Alonso Luis
Price: $144.95
Sale! $129.95 (11% Off!) Save $15.00!
10 Inch Colonial Talavera Plate $45.95
Click Here for Product Details! 10 Inch Colonial Talavera Plate
Armando Talavera
Price: $50.95
Sale! $45.95 (10 % Off!) Save $5.00!
Alonso Sandoval Black Olla $SOLD
Click Here for Product Details! Mata Ortiz
Alonso Sandoval Olla
Price: $450.00
SOLD (Over 20% Off) Save $100.00!

16 Inch Talavera Platter $64.95
Click Here for Product Details! Classic Talavera Platter
GEM Villa Seca
Price: $71.45
Sale! $64.95 (10 % Off!) Save $6.50!
AA-050-7-17012 You Save $5.00!
Mexican Pottery Collections:
About Mexican Talavera Pottery
The art of creating Mexican Talavera or Majolica Pottery has descended from its early origins thought to be Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was introduced to Spain by the 13th Century, where it was influenced by Moorish domination and became known as Majolica.

The Talavera creation process involves the blending of two types of clay which are soaked in water to improve the consistency and malleability. When ready, the water is drained off the clay blend and it is filtered to remove all impurities. The clay is worked until all air bubbles have been removed and the consistency is correct.

The artisans then produce a variety of pieces on the potter’s wheel or in molds which are then left to dry for eight to twelve weeks. The dried clay pieces are then baked in an oven at over 800C. The fabrication process then continues by carefully dipping each piece of Majolica in a glaze which results in the rich foundation color. Then each piece is hand decorated using colors derived from processing various mineral pigments. The hand decorated pieces are fired a final time for many hours at over 1000C, resulting in the completed beautiful work of Mexican pottery.